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Details of worldbuilding of Kate Elliott's fantasy/alternate history series, Crown of Stars. It is set in an alternate history medieval Europe. Magic and miracles are real, and there are non-human cultures and something like other dimensions. Women have particular power and authority along with men in hierarchical, feudal systems of church, monarchy, and the military. There is an important religion based around a male and female God called the Unities and their prophet Daisan. Many characters are descendants of the royal line of an alternate Charlemagne, the Emperor Taillefer.

Books in the seriesEdit

  • King's Dragon (1997)
  • Prince of Dogs (1998)
  • The Burning Stone (1999)
  • Child of Flame (2000)
  • The Gathering Storm (2003)
  • In the Ruins (2005)
  • Crown of Stars (2006)

Places and peoples Edit

  • Alba: Britain.
  • Andalia or Andalla: Spain, a kingdom of the Jinna.
  • Aosta: Italy
  • Arethousa: Byzantium (+Greece). Arethusan seems to mean Greek.
  • Aoi: Central/North America (Ashioi). the Lost Ones.
  • Autun (major city, on the Rhone)
  • Avaria
  • Babaharshian : (babylonians - beersheba)
  • Bwrmen: invaded Darre, barbarians (centaurs?)
  • Darre: Rome (Dariyan Empire)
  • Eikaland: Norway & Sweden (Trolls who are like Viking invaders). Rikin, Skelnin, Hakonin, Jatharin (groups within Eika)
  • Eastern Territories: Eastern/Central Europe. Margraves: March of the Villams, Olsatia and Austra, Westfall, Eastfall
  • Harenz mountains (goblins are here)
  • Hessi (people): Jewish traders
  • Karrone: Switzerland
  • Kartiako: Carthage
  • Jinna: Persia? (seems to refer to a culture or ethnicity or language, culturally analogous to arabic)(Some Indian elements too)
  • Medemalacha (in ... spain? southern france?) has a legendarily huge market/fair
  • Novaria: Europe
  • Osna: Osnabruck? (fabric, city of peace; but it seems to be on the ocean)
  • Salia: France(and spain?)
  • North Mark: Denmark
  • Polenie: Poland
  • Quedlinhame (a city)
  • Quman (people): assorted steppe tribes (Tartars etc.) or the Golden Horde. Their warriors ride with armor and fake wings.
  • Qurtubah (where the Kaliph rules) Spain, aka Andalia
  • Salavii: Slavs
  • Sirraqusae: Syracuse.
  • Wendar: Germany. Duchies: Saony, Fesse, and Avaria
  • Ungria: Hungary
  • Varre: The Low Countries. Duchies: Arconia, Varingia, Wayland

Characters Edit

There is a more complete character list here:

  • Agius - Oldest son of Burchard, a monk with heretical beliefs
  • Alberada - Biscop (in Ungria?) King Henry's illegitimate older sister
  • Alain - A boy raised in a merchant's family in the village of Osna. Protagonist. Becomes the heir of Count Lavastine.
  • Anne - Liath's mother.
  • Antonia - Biscop of Mainni. Into sorcery and ritual sacrifice. Is taken to the valley of the Seven Sleepers
  • Baldwin - friend of Ivar's whom he loves, a heavenly beautiful, golden-blond-haired and cornflower-blue-eyed young man who attracts both men and women. Forced to marry Judith
  • Bayan - ruler of Ungria, son of King Eddec and a princess and sorceress of Kerayit
  • Bel, woman who raised Alain, sister of Henri
  • Benedict - King Henry's brother, married to Marozia of Karrone
  • Berengar - Duke of Arconia
  • Berthold - Helmut's son and heir
  • Bloodheart - Eika ruler and general
  • Breschius - A frater in Ungria.
  • Bulkezu - a Quman leader from the snow leopard clan, son of Bruak
  • Burchard, Duke of Avaria (Agius's dad)
  • Conrad the Black, Duke of Wayland. His young daughter is a hostage at Henry's court (forgot her name)
  • Constance - the White Deer, bishop of Autumn, later also Duke of Arconia, sister of King Henry.
  • Ekkehard - Second son of King Henry
  • Ermengard - granddaughter of Duke Burchard
  • Fidelis - a frater who lived as a hermit. Wrote the Vita of St. Radegunde.
  • Frederic of Avaria - Agius's brother, dead, married Liutgard
  • Fifth son of the fifth litter/ Stronghand: an Eika of the Rikin people
  • Geoffrey - Lord of (?) married to Aldegarde. His baby daughter Lavastinia was Count Lavastine's heir
  • Hanna - from Heart's Rest, daughter of an innkeeper, King's Eagle, Liath's friend
  • Harl, Count of the North Mark , Rosvita and Ivar's father
  • Hathui - a King's Eagle
  • Henri, merchant in Osna who raised Alain
  • Henry, King of Wendar and Varre. Son of Arnulf the Younger and Matilda of Karraone
  • Herlinda - Lady of the North Mark, Ivar and Rosvita's mom
  • Helmut Villam. Margrave of the March of the Villams)
  • Heribert - Antonia's illegitimate son. Likes architecture.
  • Hugh. Illegitimate son of Duke Judith. Liath's nemesis. Father of Firsebarg Abbey.
  • Ivar - Rosvita's younger brother. Son of the Count from Heart's Rest. Hanna's mother was his nurse
  • Lackling
  • Liathano - Liath, a protagonist. from Heart's Rest
  • Liutgard, Duchess of Fesse (i think dead) mother of Ermengard, married Frederic. great-grandniece of Conradina. Her grandfather gave up claim to the throne...
  • Judith, Margrave of Austra and Olsatia.
  • Lavastine, Count of Lavas (Osna is in his realm)
    • His dogs: Terror, Fear, Rage, Sorrow, Bliss, Ardent, Good Cheer, Steadfast
    • Geoffrey, his cousin. Named heir of Lavas prior to appearance of Alain.
  • Kansi-a-lari - a powerful woman from Aoi. Full name Uapeani-kazonkansi-a-lari. Known as Alia in Wendar. Mother of Sanglant.
  • Mathilda - queen, Henry's mother, Arnulf's widow (?)
  • Meriam - Conrad the Black's mother
  • Obligatia - Mother of St. Ekaterina's in the (Aostan) mountains. Formerly named Lavrentia. Had a daughter with Fidelis. Then a son (Bernard)
  • Rodulf the Elder - Duke of Varingia
  • Rodulf the Younger -
  • Rosvita - historian and religious elder, advisor to King Henry, Ivar's sister
  • Rotrudis - Duchess of Saony, King Henry's sister
  • Sabella - King Henry's half-sister, daughter of Arnulf the Younger and Berengaria of Varre
  • Sanglant - Illegitimate son of King Henry and Alia
  • Sapienta - Oldest daughter of King Henry
  • Scholastica - Richildis, abbess of Quedlinhame, King Henry's sister
  • Sophia - Queen Sophia, from Arethousa, King Henry's (second?) wife, mother to Sapienta, Theophanu, and Ekkehard. Arethousan emperor's niece.
  • Sturm - a Dragon. In the siege of Gent. (related to Liath, maybe, from Bodfeld)
  • Tallia - Sabella's daughter. Married Alain. Holds to Agius's heresy
  • Theophanu - Second daughter of King Henry
  • Wolfhere - a King's Eagle. Knew Liath's mother Anne.
  • Zacharias - a missionary(?) who gets captured and tortured by the Quman. Hathui's brother

The Seven Sleepers: (Must list them at various times since they change) Anne, Meriam, Zoë, Severus, Venia (Antonia), Lupus (?) (Marcus) (wolfhere?)

Characters from the past

  • Emperor Taillefer (Charlemagne, ~800 AD) His empire began in the year 600
  • Hildetrude, first wife of Taillefer (a combination of Hildegard and Himiltrude)
  • Empress Thaissannia, She of the Mask (ordered the death of Daisan)
  • Daisan (Bardaisan, ~154-222 AD)
  • St. Thecla (
  • St. Radegunde (I think inspired by the (earlier) Thuringian queen Radegunde) The last wife of Taillefer. She was pregnant when he died but history didn't record what became of the child.
  • Pope Leah (Leo, various )
  • Conrad the Dragon (Emperor Taillefer's illegitimate grandson)
  • Louis of Varre - (battle of Nysa)
  • Henry I of Wendar (defeated the Quman at the River Eldar)
  • Clothilde (Radegunde's companion)

Gods and religion Edit

  • The Unities - God is (are) plural: The Lord and The Lady, Mother and Father of Life. Symbol, the Circle of Unity.
  • Daisan:
    • St. Thecla witnessed his Ekstasis and the Translatus
    • He had a vision of the Circle of Unity. Then did seven miracles, ascends through 7 spheres. Defied Empress Thaissania. Dies at a sacred hearth.
    • The heresy of Agius and Tailla is that Daisan was flayed and sacrified for people's sins (basically that he was Jesus)
    • Edessia and Parthios (his parents)
  • Lady of Battle - possibly St Andrea
  • planets and zodiac: Falcon, Child, Sisters, Hound, Lion, Dragon, Scales, Serpent, Archer, * Unicorn, Healer, Penitent
  • Planets: Earth (1 moon), Erekes, Somorhas (Lady of Light), Jedu (Angel of War), Mok, Aturna
    • Erekes = Mercury, Somorhas = Venus, Jedu = Mars, Mok = Jupiter, Aturna = Saturn
  • Equinoxes/Holidays: Mariansmass (spring equinox)
  • Saints: Eusebe, Oya, Thecla. Ok, there are a million saints.
  • Astereos - fire god of the Jinna (like Zoroaster)
  • guivres - wyverns
  • goblins of the mountains
  • astrology/magic/science: the 7 paths. Moon: sword 2. Erekes: sword 3: somorhas: cup. 4: sun: blacksmith/fire 5. Jedu: throne of virtue 6. Mok: wisdom's sceptre 7. Atrna: crown of stars
  • mathematici - dangerous magicians who know astronomy and philosophy, developed from the magi of the Babaharshians
  • astrologoi - astrologers and lesser magicians
  • other magic/religion/science: tempestari, augures, haroli, sortelegi, malefici.

Interesting bits of history or culture Edit

  • Biscops and intellectuals are usually women
  • Virgilia and the Heleniad
  • Bernard's books: Polyxene's History of Dariya, the Acts of St. Thecla, Theophrastos of Eresos (Inquiry into Plants), Artemesia (Dreams)
  • Council of Nisibia, Second Council of Nisibia (Nicaea)
  • At some point (Long before the empire or Daisan) the Aoi were divided from the world (the Lost Ones) in the Great Sundering.
  • The Dariyan empresses and emperors were descended from Aoi.


Months: Yanu, Avril, Sormas, Quadrii, Cintre, Aogoste, Setentre, Octumbre, Novarian, Decial, Askulavre, Fevrua.

Days: Mansday, Secunday, Ladysday, Sonsday, Jedday, Lordsday, Hefensday

(At some point someone says the year in book 1 or 2) Years are probably measured from birth or death of Daisan. In book 3 it is 729. Liath foretells a momentous event coming in 735.

The Council of Narvone was 100 years ago (around book 1 or 2)

When was the Fall of Dariya?

When was the Great Sundering?

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